Documentation Office Hours - May 26, 2023


2023-05-26 (Asia)


  • Mark Waite
  • Meg McRoberts


  • 2.401.1 changelog and upgrade guide is due by end of this week
    • Mark submitted pull request
    • Bruno to review it once the pull request is ready
    • Meg invited to review as well
  • Internationalization and localization pull request from JE-Chen
  • End of life notifications in Jenkins core
    • Pull request merged, will be in Jenkins 2.407 and in Jenkins 2.413.1
    • Needs a blog post
    • Should we have a dedicated page for the operating system redirect?
      • Describe operating systems that are end of life and recommended transitions
      • Link to the blog post as the redirect destination
  • Google Summer of Code
    • Documentation processes to track GSoC projects
    • Alternatives, techniques used in the past
  • Early end of life for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (and derivatives) in the Jenkins project