Documentation Office Hours - Jun 8, 2023


2023-06-08 (EU/US)


  • Mark Waite
  • Bruno Verachten


  • 2.401.2 release is in 4 weeks, Kris Stern is release lead
    • Docs team needs to create the changelog and upgrade guide for 2.401.2
      • Kevin returns June 12, may be able to do the changelog and upgrade guide
  • Errors in 2.401.1 changelog
    • Discovered by Darin Pope during 2.401.1 live stream
    • At least two items that need to deleted from the 2.401.1 changelog (already in earlier LTS releases)
  • New pull request from JE-Chen not needs review
    • Meg is willing to review, look for preferred destinations for the content
      • Structural changes, where to put things
      • Regularly merging from master branch into the working branch
    • Bruno reviewed and commented on the text content
  • End of life notifications in Jenkins core
    • Done and running since 2.407, a fix included in 2.409 for Fedora 38 users
    • Arrives in next LTS baseline (approximately 10 weeks from now - Aug 23, 2023)
  • Container controller end of life (needs pull request to Jenkins core)
    • CentOS 7 controllers (already showing the end of life warning)
    • AlmaLinux 8 controllers
  • Container agents end of life (needs even more work before it is possible)
    • ArchLinux agents (low volume distribution, unmaintained)
    • Versions node monitor plugin (already provides something like this, a report on outdated versions of Jenkins remoting and JDK)
    • Platform labeler provides automatic labels of agents based on process on the agent
      • Reads a file from agent file system
  • Should we document the tested operating systems at Jenkins release?
    • In the versioned documentation should we note the operating systems that ran automated tests
      • Packaging repository today tests installs of Fedora 37, RHEL 8, RHEL 9, Debian 10, Debian 11,
      • List the Java versions we were using at the time of release
    • Created a ticket to track the idea
  • May Newsletter needs submissions
    • Mark owes several submissions, get them ready soon