Jenkins plugin archive latest link is not updated

Hi guys - hopes this is the right place to post it issue
So recently I found out the Index of /plugins is not synced!
thought it would get fixed in a few days… but it didnt.
to be precise - the ‘latest’ link is not synced.

take a look at Index of /plugins/uno-choice for example.
notice the latest link has not been updated since July 12 while the real latest version was released at Aug 30.

This issue is impacts all the plugins ofc.
hopes it will get fixed soon.

If you look at the releases tab of the plugin site you should get the latest download link.

in this case, will work, and will go to your closes mirrors.

My guess is the latest/ script broke, i recommend creating a helpdesk ticket - GitHub - jenkins-infra/helpdesk: Open your Infrastructure related issues here for the Jenkins project - to bring it up with the infra team.

Thanks for reply
But this does not help…
As im replicating the mirror to an air gap env…
Will open a ticket as you suggested, thanks

I believe that the Jenkins infrastructure team would prefer that you use the Jenkins update center to download releases rather than downloading from . The update center provides geographically distributed mirrors so that it does not overload a single server for the entire world.

If you’re creating a mirror of the plugin download site, then I’m confident they will want you to use the nearest mirror. The mirror list is available from Mirrorlist /plugins/uno-choice/2.6.4/uno-choice.hpi

Many of the mirror sites provide rsync service so that a mirror can efficiently download new files and modified files. More information on the mirrors is available in the Jenkins documentation site.

The Jenkins update center is located at . It is described at

The update center page offers a link to Permalinks to latest files as "Latest releases of jenkins.war and all plugins (also in version-specific update sites) " .

The uno-choice plugin from that page has the URL . That resolves to uno-choice plugin 2.6.4.

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