Latest LTS (2.361.2) missing from update center data

404 Not Found (

why do you think thats a valid url? where are you getting it from? from Jenkins download and deployment is working though.

I think that is a “secret code” that is trying to say that the update center job that refreshes the update center data may not have been run successfully since the most recent LTS release that happened today.

Would have been much better to say something like:

I have some tooling that attempts to read from the update center directly rather than using the plugin installation manager tool. That tooling expects that the update center URL for supported stable releases is available. The URL works as expected while the URL reports 404 when I was expecting it to return valid values.

It would be better to use plugin installation manager tool. We’ll need to check the infra to see if the update center job is failing

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Yes Mark we push the LTS plugins for our artifactory so we can upgrade all our Jenkins Controllers using the exact same versions of these plugins. Also the ‘stable’ URL is not being update: returns 404.
13:34:49 + wget 13:34:49 --2022-10-05 13:34:49-- 13:34:49 Resolving (… 13:34:49 Connecting to (||:443… connected. 13:34:49 HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 404 Not Found

I checked the infrastructure controllers,, and and did not find any failing update center jobs on any of them. Could you open a help desk ticket to enlist the help of the infrastructure team?

I’m not enough of an expert on the specific jobs that maintain the update center data. I’m confident that I’m missing something, but can’t tell you what it is that I’m missing.

I continue to believe that you would be better served by downloading the plugins with the plugin installation manager rather than using other mechanisms.

nobody looks at:
update center json returning 404 · Issue #3161 · jenkins-infra/helpdesk (