Inquiry Regarding Jenkins Publication on Jenkins archive

Hi team
I noticed that Jenkins version 2.440.2 has been announced, but it’s not yet available on Could you please let me know when it will be published there and if there are any reasons for the delay?

Hi @khaindinh,

You wrote:

Please don’t use as your primary download source. We have a worldwide mirror system ( that provides copies of releases from locations that are nearer to you. The mirrors spread the load among multiple donors and improve your download performance. will use the nearest mirror and provide the bits to you faster than if you download from . The list of mirrors for a particular release is available by appending ‘?mirrorlist’ to the URL. Click this link to see the current list of mirrors for the most recent LTS release.

Jenkins 2.440.2 is available on and has been available there since the day of its release.

I don’t see version 2.440.2 in Update Center

You need to look in a different location if you want the version number of the most recent release.

If you need the version number of the most recent LTS release, please get it from . That file is used by the Jenkins documentation site as well.

If you need the version number of the most recent weekly release, please get it from

The site documentation includes a link to the architecture where it says:

we generate several update centers targeted for different version ranges

To accommodate all recent Jenkins releases, we first inspect all plugin releases for their Jenkins core dependencies. We then generate tiered update sites for all releases identified this way that are more recent than a cutoff (~3 months). Directories containing these tiered update sites have the prefix dynamic- .

A new release of Jenkins does not mean that there will always be a new version-specific entry created on