Which Tech Stack to choose?

Hello Jenkins Contributors!!!
I am Rahul, a sophomore student passionate about open source and development. I want to contribute to Jenkins. I read about Jenkins and the GSOC guide as well, but I am confused about which tech stack should I pick up to solve beginner friendly issues? Also, for contributing to one of the hundreds of plugins in Jenkins, which stack should I pick?
Any help would be highly appreciated
Thank you

Jenkins plugins are written in Java. You’re most likely to be successful contributing to Jenkins plugins if you start with Apache Maven 3.8.6 and Java 11.

A five part video series is available that introduces plugin development by modernizing a plugin.

A google doc is available that provides more ideas for plugin modernization than are included in the video series

Later this month, there will be a tutorial on jenkins.io that provides many of the items from that google doc in a developer tutorial.

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Thank you very much! I’ll watch all these videos…