Regarding beginner friendly issue

Hey I am new here I know the basics of java and really want to contribute to Jenkins can anyone help me to make my first contribution

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Hi and thank you for reaching out.

Here is a few links that hopefully will be useful to you:

So I would read through those websites, then take a look at the issues Jira. When you have picked a task to work on, make a PR and wait for feedback/approvals.

Good luck and reach out if you get stuck/have more questions :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @pushker001 and welcome to this community :wave:

You could also begin with plugins instead of directly starting with Jenkins.
I particularly like the โ€œImprove a Pluginโ€ tutorial.
If you want a list of plugins that need that kind of improvement, let us know, we have some that need TLC.

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yes please provide me so I can start the contribution and can you also tell me what I need to fix in the plugins
thank you

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Here are two plugins that I just adopted. Would love to have your help.

Plugins are:

Both need to be modernized by following the instructions in the tutorial:

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