Regarding beginner friendly issue

Shold I go for Account issue in helpdesk?

That’s probably as good a choice as any

I have deleted the repository of Jenkins that I have previously forked but again not able to fork the plugin repository should I wait?

The discussion needs to happen on the Github ticket, with the Jenkins infra team. There is nothing more any of the contributors in this discussion can do to help you at this point.

The discussion needs to happen on the Github ticket, with the Jenkins infra team.

Yes I’ve closed too quickly your help desk issue earlier, sorry about that.

Please continue on Not able to fork the jenkins repository · Issue #3278 · jenkins-infra/helpdesk · GitHub, we’ll take a look soon and get back to you there.

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should I work on the stuff in which “needs to be done is written” or do I have to work on everything on the list you have given

Work on the things that are listed as “needs to be done”. You could certainly review the other items and confirm for yourself that they are done or that they are not needed, but I assume that review won’t result in any pull requests.

Certainly pace yourself and work on as many of the items as you like given the time that you have.

Also, be careful about the quality of your contributions from now on. Do strive to try your best and show us you have what it takes to complete a medium-sized GSoC project.

have I put the spot bugs correctly?

Looks correct to me (if I can trust my memory).

No idea why your build is failing, though.

/- Jmm

So what should I do to fix it can you explain?

Believe an old man like me: “the problem is described in the error message. And the error message is in the log files”. The difficulty is only to interpret correctly what the system tries to tell us.

My guess, here, is that a unit test failed. The system hints (message in red) to look at the surefire (unit test) report. Often you see hints in the maven log (console).

The reason of the failure is explained somewhere. The challenge (experience will make you get quicker at that) to find where it is and to understand the hint/explanation. Don’t give up.

Assemble informations (error, line number causing the error, what changed since the last time it worked) and, if you didn’t find it yourself, ask here for other eyes.

/- Jmm

build failure is showing can anyone tell me how I can fix it?

Is all things are correct should I do a pull request?

We only see from your pull request if everything is ok. So please create the PR, make sure that all checks pass, and then the plugin owner will make a review.

The injected test error message is generally caused by different JDKs used by the shell (mvn command) and the built in compiler of dev environment. Nerver seen it with Gitpod (but milage can differ depending on the configuration).
By curiosity, do you do a mvn clean verify ?

If you change is limited to the spotbug configuration, @uhafner 's suggestion to go ahead and create the PR. We will then have the arbitration of the Jenkins CI (which is the reference). The plugin maintainer or members of the community will also be able to look closer to your proposal and guide you should you run into difficulties.

/- Jmm

yes i have done maven clean verify

how to create pull request can anyone guide me?

what to do after this