Locked out of my jenkins community account

I am attempting to resurrect a long unused jenkins community account and the password reset page (Reset password | Jenkins) doesn’t work for me. It does say to “contact us” but gives no information on where/how to do that. If this is not a good way to start addressing this, could somone plese direct me to the appropriate place to do so?

I do know that the account was migrated from java.net so it doesn’t have my actual email associated.


At the moment the only people that can touch the back end are @dduportal and @MarkEWaite. So pinging them. Actually probably a couple more.

What username are you trying to resurrect? How certain are you that the account exists?

Ah I’m guessing it’s Log in - Jenkins Jira

There is a jenkins.io account for minielim. It uses a java.net email address. Since mail is no longer available on java.net, I think that locks you out, without any way of receiving the reset password.

User passwords were reset as a result of the Jenkins project Confluence instance attacked . Send me an email message and we can discuss alternatives. I am Mark Earl Waite and I have a gmail account that uses my full name, separated by dot characters.

Yes, the username is minielim. I reasoned that I already had an account as the system wouldn’t allow me to sign up with the username and because I have an email from long ago about a mandatory password reset for that account.

I am going to send an email as instructed in this discussion.