Trying to recover admin account

I inherited a system running jenkins, that no one knows the login credentials for. I have attempted to set useSecurity false, and even removed the securityRealm and authorizationStrategy completely. After saving the edits and restarting jenkins continues to prompt me for a username/password.

I have also attempted to edit the only users config.xml I can find " admin_2298606251186183466 " and replace the jbcrypt hash with one I have generated, but that doesn’t seem to be working either. I keep getting prompted for username/pass and it doesn’t like what I’m entering… tbh, I’m not even sure I’m using the correct username, the admin_2298606251186183466 config.xml shows a “full name” of “XXXX Admin” which i’ve tried, and admin Admin, Administrator etc… anything else I can try?

In the config file $JENKINS_HOME/Users/admin_2298606251186183466/config.xml
you can see the user details right


If after saving the config.xml the Jenkins comes up again with security enabled you might have CasC enabled that will configure your Jenkins at startup.

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Hey Jana, that file looks like this: