Can't access username or password, forgot these credentials after installing Jenkins

I can’t seem to figure out how to reset the admin name and password I setup up when installing Jenkins via homebrew.
Many instructions that I have stated to checking the /var/lib/jenkins/config.xml file. There is not file by that name via that path. Even when searching applications for Jenkins it is not showing/not present. Jenkins is already installed so I am not sure of next steps to reset my admin name and password to login or I should be able to see them.

So you’re not able to access your Jenkins with a user that has admin permissions but Jenkins is running?
Which security realm are you using and which authorization strategy?
Then you need to find the actual java process of Jenkins and inspect it’s environment variables and/or command line args to find out where is JENKINS_HOME. There you will find the config.xml.

are you able to sign in to Jenkins with another id?
You might be able to retrieve the JENKINS_HOME directory here:


JENKINS_HOME should be in the list. that is where Jenkins in installed. the “config.xml” should be located in that location.

If you never changed the admin password is can also be located from here


I changed the id and password afterwards, but as soon as I located, I found out my username with the help of my friend

According to the config.xml file, which I found after running a command, it’s between xyz, which gives the real name, but AFAIK, I have to change the hash or are there any way to change password alternatively?

I assume you use the built-in userdb.
Which authorization strategy are you using? Matrix-auth, rolestrategy or something else?

No, I just installed Jenkins and tried to access through the console, but as I researched, there was a config file that tells me to look at the id from my admin and to change password, I should change the hash.

This is the article that I used as a reference