Cant create an accout for the Jenkins Jira to report a bug


I have found a bug with a Jenkins plugin so searched and found the Jenkins Jira system. Looking through I have found someone else who reported the bug in 2020 however they kind of went off the radar and so the ticket was never resolved. I would like to revive the ticket so have tried to create an account but there seems to be some kind of bug creating an account on the Jira system. I then created an account on this forum hoping that the credentials would be shared but they are not.

Anyone else had problems creating an account on the Jira system (

You can’t create an account on Jira. Instead, create an account on and use these credentials to log into Jira.

Sorry yes I posted the wrong URL. I have been to Sign up | Jenkins but its not working for some reason. Tried it in Firefox and also edge.
There is a big blue banner in the way:

I have however managed to input the data by tabbing my way through each field but on cliking signup it errors.

If I refresh the page and take a screenshot at just the right moment in time I get the following which is how I know what each field wants:

I guess its possible that the username I am entering is already in use but because the big blue banner is there I cant see the error.

Thanks for reporting, I have filed an issue on the appropriate repository:

Amazing thank you very much.