IAR (for ARM) build through Jenkins


Are there folks, on this forum, who have implement IarBuild.exe to build projects on IAR (Embedded Workbench IDE-ARM)? If so does the CMSIS Manager startup successfully for you when the IarBuild.exe is invoked for a particular project?

Thank you.


I would recommend indicating what issues you are having so that if someone does have experience they don’t have to wait for you to return with more info.

(Aka how to ask questions in an async matter. I’ll throw in the canned response)

“it doesn’t work” is always hard to remote debug. Try to always include these 3 things.

what did you try? (Code samples, command lines, screenshots, videos, etc)
what did happen? (Error messages, description, outputs, stuff)
what did you expect to happen?

Otherwise, it’s hard for us to get into your context and you’ll have to have someone who is exactly knowledgeable come along

Thank you Gavin, I had asked in more detail earlier, but did not get any meaningful response. So I am curious if anyone has tried IAR build on Jenkins. (I was keeping things light to get some response, without having to go through the clutter of my typing). If someone says yes then I can proceed to ask more question. Please see my link below for the detailed query

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