Jenkins Build Using ECLIPSEC.exe (RENESAS/IAR)

The RENESAS platform for S5D9 (processor) uses e2studio (eclipse based IDE) and the IAR compiler.
The command that does the complete (headless) build is eclipsec.exe, called by a batch file.

  1. On a local PC, the complete process completes smoothly, calling the batch file from a command line,.
  2. Step (1) repeated on the server with Jenkins (command window run as admin), issues a license error for the IAR compiler.
  3. Jenkins running the same batch file with eclipsec.exe does not show any license errors, but the project is incomplete because the auto-generation of some platform files has not completed, and therefore the following compilation stage encounters errors.

—>>> Error from step (2):
Fatal error[LMS001]: License check failed. Use the IAR License Manager to
resolve the problem.
Failed to obtain feature:
“ARMRS.EW.COMPILER_STD” version: “1.07”.
Operating in stand-alone
mode using terminal client. This is not allowed by the vendor. Status
code 0x58. [LicenseCheck:, RMS:,
Feature:ARMRS.EW.COMPILER, Version:1.07]
Fatal error detected, aborting.

—>>> Errors from step (3.0)
!ENTRY com.renesas.cdt.synergy.configurator.model 2 0 2023-06-22 12:14:00.124
!MESSAGE No description for configuration ‘config.framework.sf_firmware_image’ loading file:/C:/Jenkins/workspace/SH202xxx-Bridge/Customer/Bridge_Firmware/configuration.xml


This problem sounds like a case of differences between environments. Often caused by a different user, or even a non desktop environment running your agent vs your login session.

I would recommend running a tool to export your environmental variables (set in windows, export or printenv in linux) in both your job and your “command prompt” to see whats different.

Often its something like HOME is set different. Or PATH has changed since its managed by jenkins agent settings. Or even a license key is missing.

Its usually a good first step.

If that doesn’t work, then it is probably best to contact the company that is providing the development environment so that they can help you configure your environment with their product.