Jenkins Java Project - Point to Library when compiling

Hi everyone, I am brand brand new to Jenkins and Java.

My company is using a Jenkins server to deploy various projects. I have a Java project that needs to be updated that has several driver dependencies.

However, when I built the project in Jenkins, it is unable to find the drivers that the Java project needs. Eclipse generated a _lib folder with them in there. I am able to set the classpath in Eclipse. I don’t know where to begin on doing this in Jenkins.

The question is usually “how do you do this outside of jenkins” then we can help with making it work inside of jenkins.

I’m not super familar with eclipse (I havn’t really used it since college), but I know its gui has some magic it does. Do you know if your project is maven based? I remember eclipse heavily doing stuff with ant.

Either way i think its something you can add to your ant file, or pom.xml file, to trigger that same behavior, but as is, I don’t know what it is offhand, and would need more info before I can help google.