Governance Meeting - Dec 01, 2021

Had lots of great discussions this week



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Gavin Mogan (@halkeye), Ullrich Hafner (@uhafner), Ewelina Wilkosz (@ewelinawilkosz), Oleg Nenashev (@oleg-nenashev), Olivier Vernin (@olblak)


  • News
    • 2.319.1 LTS released (changelog, upgrade guide)
      • Inclusive naming
      • UI improvements in “Manage Jenkins”, build history, icons, and more
      • Removed woodstox implementation and unsafe Ant classes
    • 2.323 weekly released (changelog)
      • Log recorders configured as code now
      • Path to HTML elements use stable selectors (UI testing improvement)
      • JEP-324 Customizable Jenkins header implemented
  • Election status report - Olivier Vernin
    • Election has closed
    • Results are now visible publicly through the same election link
      • Board members - Mark Waite & Oleg Nenashev
        • 81 registered voters
        • 50+ voted
      • Documentation officer - Mark Waite
      • Security - Wadeck Follonier
      • Infrastructure - Damien Duportal
      • Events - Alyssa Tong
      • Release - Tim Jacomb
    • Organize a retrospective for improvements next election
    • Discourse groups
      • Election committee
        • Gavin, Ewelina, Olivier
        • Used for coordination and discussion
      • Election voters
        • Registration to vote
      • If we use the same process next year, decide how to handle those groups
        • Gavin supports a more formalized procedure
        • Better to nominate someone to run the election earlier
        • Continue with open process and open group
      • Consider adding more people to the elections committee
        • Two board members not up for election
        • Would be nice to have others involved in the election
        • Ewelina liked how the groups worked in Discourse very much
          • Simple communication, easy delivery, limited visibility
      • Oleg - the most pressing question is how to enlist more voters in the election
        • Broader representation from the community
        • Recommendations for promotion methods, promotion locations
      • Olivier was surprised at the types of contributions we would accept
        • Many still asked if their contribution was sufficient
        • Not relying on email was very nice
        • Discourse much easier for communication
        • Disappointments
          • Could not directly invite people during the election
            • Had to validate their own email address on CIVS
          • Invitations that did not arrive left it unclear which email they should use
            • People were wondering if they were registered
      • Gavin recommends a retrospective as well
        • May help us with LinkedIn login as another registration method
        • Risk that voters may be able to register twice (GitHub, LinkedIn, etc.)
      • Ewelina asked if there are big events where Jenkins will be present?
        • FOSDEM
        • DevOps World
        • cdCon
        • SCALE 19x
        • Consider a QR code to link to voter registration - poster at
        • Keep the voter group open, allow registration throughout the year
        • Continue promoting more community use of Discourse
        • Thanks to Olivier for leading the election committee
      • Announce the results on Friday
        • Blog post - who writes the post
        • Gavin willing to write the blog post
        • Some way of thanking the Condorcet maintainers?
          • Professor Andrew Myers of Cornell
          • Mark to connect to send him Jenkins swag
  • Highlights from the mailing lists and community forum
    • User interface improvements continue from Jan Faracik, Tim Jacomb, Ulli Hafner, and others
      • Lots of traffic on Jenkins core pull requests
      • Mark to put UX SIG recording on community site
    • Started linking Governance meeting notes to community site
      • Continuing to do that
      • “This month in Jenkins” that includes links to meeting notes, highlights, …
        • SIG leaders contribute content to the location
        • Highlight events
      • Several SIGs that are inactive
        • Cloud Native SIG
        • Pipeline Authoring SIG
    • Discourse color scheme improved for easier reading
    • Java 8 end of life ideas under discussion
      • Recently raised to the Platform SIG
      • Ideas and alternatives under discussion
      • Discuss what we want it to be more than what is currently running
  • CD Events - Oleg Nenashev
    • CD Events accepted as an incubating project in CDF
      • Specification for CI / CD event communication (based on Cloud Events)
      • An eventing specification for build success, failure, etc.
    • GSoC project in Jenkins GSoC 2021
    • Student implementation of the initial specification
    • CD Events specification has changed since the initial implementation
      • Will need to update the plugin to conform to the current specification
      • Can be very interesting to Keptn (Oleg’s open source project at work)
    • Other entities that have declared their intent to adopt CD Events
      • Companies are welcome to join
    • Contact the CD Events SIG at CDF to assist
      • Governance is implementing project governance
      • Join the SIG meeting and their work streams
  • Google Summer of Code - Oleg Nenashev
    • Expected to happen
    • Application deadline in early Feb 2022
    • Should Jenkins participate, who will lead it
    • Not clear if Oleg is available to be an org admin with CDF projects
    • Mark would like to apply and has someone in mind that may be able to lead
    • GSoC money routing from CDF to the Jenkins Linux Foundation
      • Mark to submit a request to transfer funds from CDF to the Jenkins LFX Crowdfunding account
  • CI/CD DevRoom has been accepted at FOSDEM 2022 (online)
    • Good to have talks at that session
    • DevRooms not yet officially announced
    • Deadline for CFP is coming soon
    • End of December was the deadline for last year
      • Not much time to announce and promote
    • Jenkins stand at the conference?
      • Low attendance at the stand last year
      • Virtual booth not as interesting
      • Default answer - no
    • Consider a contributor summit at roughly the same time

btw, would love to hear if people love or hate these notes/recording and what would be more useful in the future.

I like them, (20 char limit text)

Yep, I think these are really useful for those of us not having the time to attend.

(And I realize I’m being greedy, but the previous one with the links to references is even nicer :smiley: While I typically know context, if I don’t I need to start googling…)

I think links are generally done by people pre submitting topics. But I’ll try making this post a wiki so people can add links if they have some

I too really like these notes/recordings :slight_smile:

That is really nice and useful, I like them as well.
It inspires me to do the same (as tipped by Mark and Olivier already) for the infrastructure meetings.
Many thanks!