Governance Meeting - Feb 9, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Gavin Mogan (@halkeye), Ewelina Wilkosz (@ewelinawilkosz), Oleg Nenashev (@oleg-nenashev)


  • News
    • 2.319.3 LTS release status report - done, includes security fix
    • 2.334 release status report - done, includes security fix
    • 2.332 is the next LTS release baseline
    • Jenkins is the Way stories arriving on
      • See the pull request
    • Spelling checks for
      • crate-ci/typos being used as a code aware spell checker
        • Adapts to adoc, formatting, etc.
  • Press contact email alias - Gavin Mogan
    • Gavin is one of the press contacts (and only active contributor)
    • Would love to have more press contacts
    • Consider switching from individuals to a google group that receives the email
      • Gavin considering that the community site could also do it
      • Press email should not be open by default (in case of sensitive topics)
    • Need a more sustainable solution than individual email
      • What’s the best location for the discussion to involve the right people?
    • Request today will be handled by Gavin Mogan
      • Four email messages in a year since his time as the Press Contact
  • Require Java 11 or newer JEP - Mark Waite
    • Review comments are arriving
    • Much work to be done to review open issues related to Java 11
    • See the Jira epic
  • Highlights from the mailing lists and community forum
    • New post on the forum and a tweet from TestMo
      • In the show-off group to highlight how to show test results
    • IE 11 end of support was approved, implemented in weekly
    • Many questions on the community site
    • Google Summer of Code plans, office hours, etc. are in progress
      • Application deadline is Feb 21
      • Oleg has some project ideas to consider, may not be available
      • Oleg unable to attend the GSoC office hours neither Asia nor Europe
      • Oleg concerned that 4-5 project ideas are not enough to be accepted for Google Summer of Code
        • Needs more mentors (most critical need currently)
        • Needs more project ideas
    • cdCon call for papers is open
      • Proposal for an on-site contributor summit at cdCon
        • Alyssa or others will lead the onsite contributor summit
      • Oleg not certain he can get a visa to attend
      • Mark plans to be on-site in Austin, TX for the conference
    • Kubecon event possible, Oleg willing to help organize a co-located event
  • EasyCLA status report - Oleg Nenashev
    • Ongoing