Governance Meeting - Apr 20, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Gavin Mogan (@halkeye), Ewelina Wilkosz (@ewelinawilkosz)


  • News
    • Jenkins 2.332.3 LTS prep in progress
    • Recent security items
      • Java 11.0.15, Java 8u322, and Java 17.0.3 in progress
      • Git 2.35.3 and Git LFS 3.1.4
  • Action items
    • Mark Waite check with Tracy Miranda on FOSDEM funds transfer
    • Mark Waite find and finish Linux Foundation transfers from GSoC 2021
  • Ukraine invasion by Russia and how it relates to the Jenkins project
    • Status report of voting on alternatives
    • Based on the votes that were expressed, we’ll approve the butler rather than the Cossack
      • Mark and Gavin watch the forums in case of trolls or other disrupters
  • Linux Foundation request to survey active maintainers of CDF projects
    • Request sent to Mark Waite, forwarded to board mailing list
      • They want to send the survey April 22 and close the survey May 13
    • Could we use for the survey instead?
    • Send the email link to active maintainers, they choose to answer the survey without us disclosing their email address
      • Approved to use the alternative, send it
      • Place the survey link on forums and on dev mailing list and that is done
  • Forums and topics
    • Java 11.0.15, Java 8u322, and Java 17.0.3 in progress
      • Thread today asking about Docker container updates
      • Some architectures are missing
        • Fully qualified name is publishing all architectures
        • Still cases where the short forms are missing arm64, s390x
        • Being investigated by the infra team
    • Approved for more open source docker use
      • Infra team is handling that
    • Delaying selection of next LTS baseline 2-4 weeks for stabilization
      • 2.344 released on Monday fixes many of the open issues
      • Release baseline for June not yet selected
      • Very grateful Jan Faracik, Tim Jacomb, Basil Crow, Alex Brandes, others for the fixes
      • Very promising set of fixes in 2.344
    • Require Java 11 JEP is looking good for Sept LTS
      • No Java 8 support in the Sept LTS, Java 11
    • Plugin site
      • issues tab is working again
      • releases tab is presenting content more similar to GitHub