Governance Meeting - May 4, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Gavin Mogan (@halkeye), Bruno Verachten


  • News
    • Jenkins 2.332.3 LTS in progress
      • Build has been run and is tagged
      • Release checklist is in progress
      • Thanks to Alexander Brandes as release lead (@NotMyFault)
  • Action items
    • Mark Waite check with Tracy Miranda on FOSDEM funds transfer
    • Mark Waite find and finish Linux Foundation transfers from GSoC 2021
  • CDF request to survey active maintainers of CDF projects
    • Survey invitation sent to Jenkins developer mailing list
    • Mark to ask for status report on the number of registered survey participants
      • Unclear to the readers that they don’t know how they or the project will benefit from the survey
    • Should include the motivation for the survey in the survey invitation email
  • Forums and topics
    • “I developed a jenkins dashboard app for desktop”
    • Delaying selection of next LTS baseline 2-4 weeks for stabilization
      • 2.346 released on Tuesday fixes a few more issues
      • Still a few remaining that make 2.347 (next Tuesday)
    • Java 11.0.15, Java 8u332, and Java 17.0.3 in progress
      • Java 17 is in “preview”, lower priority for the project
    • Require Java 11 JEP is looking good for Sept LTS
      • No Java 8 support in the Sept LTS, Java 11
      • More details in the communication plan
      • Specific change dates in weekly
        • Weeklies will require Java 11 sooner than
        • Commonly done immediately after the preceding LTS baseline
          • Would be within the next few weeks
        • Plugin won’t require Java 11 until they require a Jenkins version that requires Java 11
          • Most plugin maintainers choose an LTS release
          • Don’t see any requirement yet that forces plugin baseline version to be updated
        • Using Sept instead of June is a “quieter” LTS re: UI changes
          • June UI changes are significant
        • Need a canned response for the forums
          • Look at responses to tables to divs to find the right balance
          • Keep the responses simple and point to deep docs
            • What information do we need for a bug report
            • Include “What do we need in a bug?”
          • Consider a triage bot for a future project
            • You mentioned “bootstrap” and “class loader”, see this for more information
    • Contributor Summit at cdCon (face to face) - June 9
      • Register independent of cdCon
        • Web site not yet able to do so
      • Mark Waite, Tim Jacomb, Alyssa Tong
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