Governance Meeting - June 15, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Basil Crow (@basil)


  • News
    • DigitalOcean donates additional $2760 to the Jenkins project
      • Thanks to Phoebe Quincy and Oliver Mensah of DigitalOcean
      • Thanks to Damien Duportal and Herve’ Le Meur of Jenkins infra project
    • 2.346.1 LTS June 22, 2022 (including security fixes)
      • 2.332.4 LTS June 22, 2022 as well (including security fixes)
      • 2.356 weekly June 22, 2022 as well (2.355 + security fixes)
    • Require Java 11
      • 2.357 weekly June 28, 2022 will require Java 11 or newer
      • September LTS will require Java 11 or newer
    • cdCon results
      • Awards presented
      • Contributor Summit
        • Open Telemetry presentation and discussion by Manuel de Pena, Ivan Fernandez, and Victor Martinez
        • User experience improvements presentation by Tim Jacomb
        • Permissions discussion lead by Olivier Vernin
          • Many core maintainers that are long inactive
          • Proposed an “alumni” group similar to the jenkins-infra alumni group
            • Retains accounts in the jenkinsci organization
            • Reduces granted permissions
          • Needs further discussion in the developer mailing list
        • Mark owes a blog post summarizing the results
      • Future of Jenkins presentation by Oleg Nenashev
  • Action items
    • Mark Waite check with Tracy Miranda on FOSDEM 2020 funds transfer
    • Mark Waite find and finish Linux Foundation transfers from GSoC 2021
    • Mark Waite use for the Jenkins Docs SIG mailing list
      • Announce the change and make the existing list read-only
    • Mark Waite create blog post summary of the Contributor Summit at cdCon
    • Mark Waite create blog post of She Code Africa Contributhon results
  • Embeddable build status plugin bundles proprietary font
    • Issue raised to maintainer June 15, 2022
    • Allow up to 2 weeks for the maintainer to correct the issue?
      • If not corrected, then we need to suspend distribution or adopt it and remove the offending component
    • Discussed on the board mailing list
    • Matches our behavior with proprietary plugins (though Mark needs research)
      • Could replace proprietary font with open source font
      • Could remove the proprietary font
  • Forums and community topics
    • Upgrade to systemd
    • Errors on FIPS mode OS in Jenkins
      • Ongoing work to better support FIPS mode (detaching instance identity into a plugin and modifying it for better support of FIPS mode)
      • Would be good to add to the test matrix
      • SELinux has a set of problems (git plugin)

I’ve opened a poll to find a better time for the governance meeting.

@halkeye is there a facility in that would have allowed me to create that poll here rather than using a separate tool?

Thanks to the developers at, governance meetings transcripts are available

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  • option 3

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The little gear icon on the toolbar.

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I answered the poll assuming general days. July 1st is Canada Day so I can’t do that one