Governance Meeting - May 18, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Gavin Mogan (@halkeye), Bruno Verachten (@poddingue), Mike Cirioli, Basil Crow (@basil)


  • News
  • Action items
    • Mark Waite check with Tracy Miranda on FOSDEM funds transfer
    • Mark Waite find and finish Linux Foundation transfers from GSoC 2021
      • Alyssa Tong has provided some helpful pointers
    • Mark Waite ask CDF for survey participation count
      • Asked 18 May 2022, 18 registered for the survey, not sent
      • Not likely to send until after cdCon
      • Need to send another invitation to participate and motivation why the contributors
        • Mark to request that info from Michelle, send it to the group
      • Consider including the services already provided by CDF
        • Remind the services already provided
        • Share any services they are considering offering in the future
    • New meeting time
      • Current time not working well for Oleg and Ewelina to join us
      • Proposed to move 3 hours later for European team outside working hours
        • Approved, Mark to move the calendar item 3 hours later
  • She Code Africa Contributhon
    • Final reporting phase has started, concluding blog post coming soon
    • See posts from the contributors
      • Much easier to post than to write a blog post
  • Google Summer of Code
    • Google will announce the selected projects this Friday May 20, 2022
    • Optimistic that Jenkins will be chosen
  • Forums and community topics
    • Crowdin donation for Jenkins localization
      • See for the 8 plugins currently using it
      • Much easier translation experience for new contributors
      • See online meetup recording for details
      • Internationalizing a plugin is not as straightforward as it should be
        • Needs more documentation on the topic
        • Bruno willing to help
      • Translation tools discussions in various locations
    • Contributor Summit at cdCon (face to face) - June 9
      • Register independent of cdCon
        • Web site not yet able to do so
      • Mark Waite, Tim Jacomb, Alyssa Tong, Bruno Verachten, others
    • Java 11 is coming
    • Some forms issues, several cases of not reading the upgrade guide
      • Jira regressions dashboard, we encourage people to report issues
      • Encourage them to report any issue detected
      • Gavin preparing a standard answer for diagnosis of environment issues
        • How to see your environment
        • How to create a better bug report
        • Please use operating system package manager to upgrade
        • Please use Docker containers to upgrade
    • Bridging IRC and Gitter is being considered
      • Needs Gitter admin to grant permissions to allow the bridge
  • More active promotion of communication on
    • Docs mailing list could freeze and switch to
      • Create a tombstone post on the list, make the list read-only, include a URL for the list
    • Infra mailing list unused
    • UX mailing list unused
  • Unifying issue trackers a likely future topic
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