Governance Meeting - Feb 23, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Gavin Mogan (@halkeye), Ewelina Wilkosz (@ewelinawilkosz)


  • News
    • Jenkins 2.336 released with several icon and image fixes (2.335 issues)
    • Jenkins LTS 2.332.1-rc ready to test
    • Jenkins LTS 2.332.1 scheduled to release March 9, 2022
    • GSoC 2022 application submitted, office hours weekly, webinar was today
      • 5 prior GSoC students as mentors
      • 5 additional mentors
      • Seeking more mentors and more project ideas
  • Press contact email alias - Gavin Mogan
    • Discourse trials in email routing as a service
    • Google groups email regularly going to spam in gmail
    • Support for posting by email and can use custom email addresses
      • → routes to a category, group, or otherwise
        • Can move things to categories, but can’t add people to thread
        • Using a discourse group, not as easy to work with, but
          • Convert reply to topic
          • Most flexibility
        • Discussed with infra team, will need some time to implement
          • MX record needs to be pointed to a better destination
          • Linux Foundation service may already be available to forward mail
      • Screenshots and demos later
      • Next steps
        • Email the dev list to seek volunteers as press contacts
          • Very low volume email (4 in 12 months)
        • Experiments ongoing, discuss in infra meeting and in mail
  • Version number to yearly?
    • Starting in with 23.01 being the first week of the year 2023
      • LTS would be 23.02.1
    • Would make people assume semver less
      • Switch version numbers to assure we’re not using semver
        • Ubuntu 22.04, 22.10
        • Windows 1809, 2004, 2109
    • Harder to skip/reissue/etc a release
    • Consider as part of more regular announcements
    • Next step - a JEP to propose the change
      • Evaluate feasibility
  • Version number to 3.x when we require Java 11 or newer? - Mark Waite
    • Sep 2022 or Jun 2022 LTS releases, a weekly 6-8 weeks before
    • Could roll to version 3 and still do the yearly version number
    • Gavin agrees that Require Java 11 or newer is a major change
    • If we can retain number.number.number format, not a huge change for users
    • JEP-229 plugin version numbers caused concern
      • Need to assure we communicate the version number change
    • JEP-236 has been merged, Require Java 11 or newer
  • Highlights from the mailing lists and community forum
    • Much love to Mark for meeting minutes (UX SIG)
      • Love the results on navigation
    • Security Scanner - Daniel Beck provides CodeQL scanning of plugins
      • Plugin authors opt-in and get reports on primary branch and pull requests
      • Discussions ongoing, very well received
    • Markdown Plugin
      • Yes, we can use markdown again inside Jenkins!

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