Governance meeting Nov 17, 2021


Participants: Mark Waite, Gavin Mogan, Ewelina Wilkosz, Oleg Nenashev

Notes: Jenkins Governance Meeting Agenda - Google Docs

(Copied for reference)

  • News
    • Jenkins 2.321 has released
      • User experience improvements
        • Table layout
        • Plugin manager layout
      • Regression fixes
    • Jenkins 2.319.1 release candidate has arrived
      • More than usual backports - needs deep testing
        • Inclusive naming changes (“master” → “built-in”)
        • Some user experience improvements
          • Build history widget and more
      • Cathy Chan is release lead
    • Jenkins infrastructure costs reducing, likely within budget
  • Election status report - Gavin
    • Ongoing
    • 81 registered voters
    • Roughly 50% of voters have cast their votes
      • Two weeks remaining in voting
      • Need to remind people to vote, email activation needs steps
      • Worth discussion with Olivier to encourage voting
    • 2 Board positions up for vote
    • Documentation officer up for vote
  • Repository ownership and Linux Foundation administration GitHub account
    • owner of project repositories and organizations?
    • Abstract request from Linux Foundation with goal to preserve access even if current maintainers became unavailable
      • Good safeguard for significant projects
      • Needs review with security team and infrastructure team
      • How many users have access to the Linux Foundation account
    • Question raised to Tracy Miranda
      • Needs further discussion and implementation details
    • Once we have the guidelines, conversation required
  • Highlights from the mailing lists and community forum
    • EasyCLA status and docs triage team membership additions
      • Mark plans to add the proposed people to triage team
      • EasyCLA will be enabled for one repository
    • End of life plan for Java 8 in Jenkins
      • Jetty 9.4.x will be end of life in the next 1-2 years
      • Jetty 10 and Jetty 11 do not support Java 8
      • Questions
        • Explicitly deprecate Java 8 with some grace period?
        • Allow plugin maintainers to deliver plugins that require Java 11?
      • Alternatives under discussion in the mailing list
      • Roadmap addition would be managed through the governance board
    • Managing GitHub access through repository permissions updater
      • Prototyping is in progress
      • Can read all teams and members in less than 60 seconds
        • Manages teams without managing individual contributors
        • No intent to delete members, add members
      • Need to define a format
        • RPU was designed for one purpose
        • This is using it for a different, related purpose
      • Need to detect new users
      • Research is progressing
    • FOSDEM is virtual in 2022, dates set, CI/CD DevRoom planned

Thanks! I like this technique of placing the notes. May be worth placing the recording URL at the end on a separate line so that the reader can click the video to view it.


oh cool doesn’t even need to be at the end, just on its own line

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