Governance Meeting, October 2, 2023


Attendees :busts_in_silhouette:

Upcoming Calendar :calendar:

  • Next LTS: 2.414.3, October 18, 2023
  • LTS baselne selection Oct 4, 2023
  • Next Security Release TBD
  • Next major events:
    • Jenkins officer and board elections
      • Nomination of candidates closes Oct 27, 2023
      • Voter registration closes Nov 5, 2023
      • Voting from Nov 6 - Dec 1
      • Results announced Dec 11



Action Items

  • Mark add “Budget and Costs” to regular board meeting agenda
  • Alexander Brandes and Ullrich Hafner run the officer and board elections for 2023
    • Timeline
      • Nomination of candidates (September 18 - October 27)
      • Voter registration (September 18 - November 05)
      • Voting (November 06 - December 1)
      • Results announcement (December 11)
    • Alexander Brandes documented how to nominate someone, and how CIVS works; both for voters and the election committee
    • Waiting for additional nominations for officers and board members
      • Need more voters to register
      • Encourage fellow contributors to register
  • Mark Waite retrospective on signing certificate renewal process and its improvements
    • Code signing certificate update for MSI and WAR files
    • PGP signing key update for RPM and DEB files
      • Debian key packaging improvements (some other projects use that technique now)
      • Notification and process improvements
        • Reimbursement improvements
      • Details being gathered in the retrospective document
  • Mark Waite submit pull request to combine subprojects and SIGs into a single concept - “working groups”
    • More pull requests needed
  • Retire the Chinese Jenkins site - deadline for 4 weeks to close (Kevin Martens)
  • Mark Waite draft a proposal to the board for license policy and phrasing changes
    • Allow other licenses like the JSON license
    • Some other approach?
    • What license should be used for a library plugin?
      • License of the wrapped library (if wrapped library has no separate code, then seems likely)
      • MIT license as used by Jenkins plugins (if abstraction layer in the plugin, then MIT for ours?)
    • Review responses from other projects to license mixture (e.g. PyPI)
      • Mostly focuses on OSI approved licenses but include a separate category for other licenses
        • Have categories for freeware, public domain, and more
        • Reasonable precedent for allowing a wider range of licenses
        • Needs more discussion, but being more permissive is working for PyPI
        • Newer licenses may be more controversial

Governance Topics

  • Board and officer elections - Alexander Brandes
    • Process is well documented, running
  • Donation of Oracle Cloud costs by CloudBees - Mark Waite
    • 2.5 years ago Jenkins infra joined an Oracle Cloud promotional program
      • Very low cost for first two years (high discount)
    • Moved to Oracle Cloud (Thanks Olivier Vernin and Mark Waite)
    • Jan 2023 Oracle Cloud started charging full price
      • Mark Waite missed the billing notices to his expired personal credit card
      • Oracle contacted Mark by telephone in August 2023 to be paid the cloud charges
      • CloudBees agreed to donate the Oracle cloud costs and has assigned a corporate credit card
      • Oracle invoices currently show $0.00 as amount due
    • Infra team migrated from Oracle Cloud to DigitalOcean in Sep 2023
      • As of 30 Sep 2023, no resources allocated on Oracle Cloud, no further costs expected
      • Sep 2023 charges of $166.82 paid 2 Oct 2023 by CloudBees
      • No Oracle Cloud costs reported for Oct 1 or Oct 2, none expected in the future
    • Oracle Cloud account remains open until Oracle agrees all invoices are resolved
    • Total CloudBees donation - $1800 or less

Community activity

  • Java 11, 17, and 21 in Jenkins - Mark Waite
    • Next step - Jenkins enhancement proposal from Mark Waite
    • Google doc describes plan that has been discussed with Jenkins board and Jenkins officers
      • Diagram that illustrates the transition process to “2+2+2”
    • Summary of discussions
    • Key dates upcoming
      • Oct 3, 2023 - Java 11 end of life monitor visible in Jenkins weekly
      • Nov 15, 2023 - Java 11 end of life monitor visible in Jenkins LTS
      • Aug 7, 2024 - Last Jenkins LTS release to support Java 11
      • Sep 4, 2024 - First Jenkins LTS to require Java 17
      • Sep 30, 2024 - end of Java 11 support by Jenkins project
  • Artifactory bandwidth reduction project
    • Done, needs final review of log files to confirm final bandwidth reduction
  • Hacktoberfest has started