Governance Meeting, October 30, 2023


Attendees :busts_in_silhouette:

Upcoming Calendar :calendar:

  • Next LTS: 2.426.1, November 15, 2023
    • Prototype.js removed
    • Java 11 end of life administrative monitor shown to users running Java 11
    • No support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and derivatives as announced in the end of life operating system blog post
  • Next weekly release: 2.430
  • Next major events:
    • Jenkins officer and board elections
      • Nomination of candidates closed Oct 27, 2023
      • Voter registration closes Nov 5, 2023
      • Voting from Nov 6 - Dec 1
      • Results announced Dec 11



  • Jenkins elections 2023 nominations have closed - Alexander Brandes and Ulli Hafner

Action Items

  • Alexander Brandes and Ullrich Hafner run the officer and board elections for 2023
    • 57 registered voters
    • Timeline
      • Nominations are closed (September 18 - October 27)
        • All roles have at least one nominee
          • If role is uncontested, then no need to vote
        • If candidates agree to accept the nomination and they are only nominee, then they are elected
      • Voter registration (September 18 - November 05)
      • Voting (November 06 - December 1)
      • Results announcement (December 11)
  • Mark Waite submit pull request to combine subprojects and SIGs into a single concept - “working groups”
    • More pull requests needed
  • Retire the Chinese Jenkins site (Kevin Martens)
    • Chinese site link removed from header
    • Kevin Martens (Docs Officer) tracking help desk ticket to replace the Chinese pages with redirects to the English pages
  • Mark Waite draft a proposal to the board for license policy and phrasing changes
    • Discussed briefly at Linux Foundation Member Summit
      • Linux Foundation legal team is willing to review proposal
    • No further progress
    • Allow other licenses like the JSON license
    • Some other approach?
    • What license should be used for a library plugin?
      • License of the wrapped library (if wrapped library has no separate code, then seems likely)
      • MIT license as used by Jenkins plugins (if abstraction layer in the plugin, then MIT for ours?)
    • Review responses from other projects to license mixture (e.g. PyPI)
      • Mostly focuses on OSI approved licenses but include a separate category for other licenses
        • Have categories for freeware, public domain, and more
        • Reasonable precedent for allowing a wider range of licenses
        • Needs more discussion, but being more permissive is working for PyPI
        • Newer licenses may be more controversial
  • Mark Waite update the GitHub repository with the latest

Community activity

  • Java 11, 17, and 21 in Jenkins - Mark Waite
    • 2+2+2 Java support plan - Jenkins enhancement proposal submitted
      • Ready to assign a JEP number and mark as a Draft
      • Mark Waite to assign the JEP and mark as a Draft
      • Where should we document the steps of the Java migration
        • Windows MSI installer
        • Currently gathered in a block comment in Jenkins core
        • Making a Java version the recommended version
        • Dropping support for a Java version (end of life date embedded)
        • Allow future release leads and other contributors to use the document or other
        • Mark prefers a checklist for each of the phases of a Java release
          • Basil will move the checklist from the block comment into a checklist in the release repository
          • Java 11 end of life late 2024
          • Java 8 end of life in 2025 or 2026
          • Java 17 end of life mid 2026
        • Include in the JEP?
    • Summary of discussions
    • Key dates
      • Oct 3, 2023 - Java 11 end of life monitor visible in Jenkins weekly
      • Nov 15, 2023 - Java 11 end of life monitor visible in Jenkins LTS
      • Oct 2, 2024 - Last Jenkins LTS release to support Java 11
      • Oct 30, 2024 - First Jenkins LTS to require Java 17
      • Oct 31, 2024 - end of Java 11 support by Jenkins project
  • Hacktoberfest nearing its end

Governance Topics

  • Board and officer elections - Alexander Brandes

    • Final announcement from Alex and Ulli
  • Processing the $40000 Azure credits donation - Mark Waite

    • Damien Duportal outlined alternatives in email message to the board
      • Current Jenkins Azure subscription type allows CDF to pay the bills by invoices but does not allow the bills to be paid by credits
      • Alternatives include:
        1. Convert subscription type to “MSOP”, use credits until exhausted, then switch subscription type back to “MCA” and pay bill by invoices to CDF
        2. Convert subscription type to “MSOP”, use credits until exhausted, then attach a CDF credit card to pay the bill
        3. Create a new MSOP subscription to host ephemeral workloads and retain persistent workloads on existing “MCA” subscription
      • Strengths and weaknesses of the alternatives
        1. Convert subscription type to “MSOP”, then switch back to “MCA”
          • :warning: Switch to MSOP and back to MCA may interrupt services, needs help from Tim Jacomb
          • :warning: Switch to MCA took multiple months the last time we did it
          • :white_check_mark: 5 months or more that donated funds pay all Jenkins expenses on Azure
        2. Convert subscription type to “MSOP” then attach a CDF credit card
          • :warning: Switch to MSOP may interrupt services, needs help from Tim Jacomb
          • :warning: Switch to credit card payment needs help from CDF
          • :white_check_mark: 5 months or more that donated funds pay all Jenkins expenses on Azure
        3. Create a new MSOP subscription for ephemeral workloads
          • :warning: Requires a new subscription
          • :warning: Requires a valid payment system for the new subscription
          • :white_check_mark: CDF payment process continues uninterrupted
          • :white_check_mark: 10 months or more that donated funds pay part of Jenkins expenses on Azure
      • Damien prefers option 3 as lower risk of service disruption or complication with CDF payment process
        • Mark reply to the mail message with the recommendation
  • Donation of Oracle Cloud costs by CloudBees - Mark Waite

    • Oracle Cloud account remains open until Oracle agrees all invoices are resolved
    • Total CloudBees donation - $1800 or less
    • Jenkins project expenses on Oracle Cloud $0.00 since 30 Sep 2023