Governance Meeting, December 12, 2022


Meeting Notes

Participants: Mark Waite, Basil Crow, Alexander Brandes, Kevin Martens, Ullrich Hafner, Oleg Nenashev


  • News
    • Jenkins 2.375.1 released Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022
      • Some active discussion about breadcrumb
    • Jenkins 2.375 scheduled for Jan 11, 2023
  • Action items
    • Require active community/SIG/Office/board/etc. Members as manager or owner for all project, SIG and community mailing lists - Alexander Brandes
      • Collecting the information, found the hardware and EDA SIG mailing list
        • Malicious content and unmoderated, needs to be removed
      • Content in many of the mailing lists are not useful
        • Public mailing lists that receive no maintenance, Google bans the list
        • Unhealthy to have banned lists associated with Jenkins project
      • Assure that lists are either correctly moderated or disabled or deleted
        • Chinese language list is owned by Rick, not involved with Jenkins now
        • Ask owners to include officers or active maintainers to list owners
        • Adjust the posting rules to require moderation on first post
      • Prefer to systematically replace the mailing lists with community forums
        • Archive them and use instead of the mailing lists
        • Alex to ask list owners to grant access, remove harmful content, off-topic content, require approval on first post, then archive them and use
    • Create and hand out election badge for 2022 elections - Alexander Brandes
      • No badges have been handed out for 2021 elections - Didn’t we want to do that?
        • Gavin helped with it last year, can add badges to profiles
        • Create a badge that shows the user was a voter
        • Create a badge that shows the elected people are officers / board members
      • Alexander Brandes has no permissions to create new badges
        • Mark thinks he has permissions to create badges, needs to check
      • Proposed by Basil and Ulli to assign badges to officers and board members
        • Mark Waite create the badge or request permission from Gavin for the badge
        • Mark Waite to check that all board members are correctly noted on as members of the board
    • Mark Waite create an empty agenda entry for the next meeting after each meeting
    • Mark Waite submit pull request to combine subprojects and SIGs into a single concept - “working groups”
    • Oleg Nenashev send proposal to Rick to retire the Chinese Jenkins site
    • Mark Waite and Gavin “halkeye” Mogan archive the governance meeting notes to a GitHub repository, use the Google doc as the working document, then publish final notes
      • Agenda is published after the meeting in
      • Open question from infra team - where do we want that repository?
        • Mark to include board members in the discussion
        • Discussion includes arguments in favor of one location or the other
        • More general discussion about what belongs in jenkins-infra organization
          • Split to a separate topic
    • Kevin Martens use for the Jenkins Docs SIG mailing list
      • Mark and Kevin work with Gavin to make the transition
    • EasyCLA to be documented by Oleg
    • Mark Waite to propose a pull request documenting the web application server policy
      • Done by Basil Crow (Thanks Basil!)
      • If someone wants to add to level 2, add documentation and one or more tests in the packaging
        • Tests confirm that Jenkins starts to the login screen (basic startup)
  • Elections
    • Mark Waite opened Jenkins developer discussion of proposed rule changes for next year
    • Ulli’s comments in the mailing list thread
    • All participants in the discussion attended the governance board discussion last meeting
      • Arguments presented in the meeting
      • Shall we hold for more discussion?
    • Conclude the discussion and vote on proposal at Jan 2023 meeting
  • Governance board meeting time and date
    • Mark Waite send a Doodle poll to board members and others that attend board meeting
    • Propose to cancel governance meeting scheduled Dec 26, 2022
  • CDF Outreach Reboot
    • Dec 14, 2022 10:30 AM EST meeting to restart the outreach committee
  • CDF Topics - Oleg Nenashev
    • Oleg has stepped down as TOC chair, remains on the TOC
    • Mark also part of the TOC, participation
  • Community forum
    • Jenkins repository ( down for up to 6 hours Sunday, Dec 18, 2022 for upgrade
    • FOSDEM participation next year (Feb 4-5, 2023)
      • Jenkins project has a stand at the conference
      • Advocacy and outreach is tracking that stand
      • Alyssa Tong is coordinating the staffing
      • CI/CD Dev Room at FOSDEM - half day (CFP has closed)
    • SCaLE 20x (March) - Los Angeles
      • Alyssa and Mark at SCaLE

Its admin access, I don’t think the board needs admin access, damien or myself can do it real quick. (required info for new badge/existing badge at bottom)

We’ve done titles in the past, badges can give titles but are not visible until you go into their profile. Groups can also give titles. Last time I put everyone into the governance group, I can do so again. (As i’m not on the board, i’m not going to just do things without direction)

Just would need a list of usernames, and which badges to award them.

If you want a new one I need:
Graphic (Can use existing icon or something new)
Badge Type: silver/bronze/gold
Group: Getting Started/Community/Posting/Trust Level/Other
Long Description:
Allow badge to be used as a title: true/false
Can be granted multiple times: true/false
Show badge on the public badges page: true/false
Show post granting badge on badge page: true/false
Enable badge: true/false

The two existing ones:

Thanks. It would be great if you can assign titles. Titles and matching user names for 2023 are:

Governance Board Members


okay, everyone is added to the board group, and I removed myself and ev
Officers all have badges

You can control what title you want to show from your profile page. I didn’t change people’s titles

Edit: I really don’t know which makes sense here, a badge or a group. Both can be applied to multiple people. Can have titles. I guess the only win for groups is it comes with a shared inbox, and could potentially replace a private mailing list.

@NotMyFault and @uhafner you’ll need to add the governance board title to your profile. I see it on my profile as something that I control.

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Thanks, I found the settings now!