Contributing to the community projects


Am interested to get started with technical contributing to the community projects and was thinking of joining a squad/team where my automation skills can be utilized Or perhaps getting a doc that details how to get started as a technical contributor.

Getting guidance on the subject will be of help to get started ASAP.


Thrilled to hear of your desire to help! There are many ways to contribute that will use automation skills.

If you’re interested in infrastructure automation, the Jenkins infrastructure team works diligently to automate Jenkins infrastructure deployments. They use Kubernetes and helm charts for the kubernetes cluster, Packer and Terraform for virtual machine image definition automation, and Puppet for machine configuration.

If you’re interested in test automation for higher level tests of Jenkins core, we have the acceptance test harness for web-based test automation. We had a Google Summer of Code project idea in 2019 that suggested improvement ideas for the acceptance test harness. That project was not implemented, but the ideas may still be helpful and valid if you’re interested in using them to improve the acceptance test harness.

If you’re interested in writing automated tests for Jenkins core, pull requests are reviewed in the Jenkins core repository.

If you’re interested in test automation for collections of plugins, we have the plugin compatibility tester that generates a compatibility matrix for plugins against Jenkins core. It is used in the plugin bill of materials

If you’re interested in test automation for specific plugins, choose the plugin and start contributing tests to the plugin.

If you’re interested in test automation for the Jenkins installers, see the issue in the packaging repository that describes some possible test scenarios.

If none of those topics strike your interests in test automation, don’t hesitate to describe further what you would find interesting.

Thanks @MarkEWaite for a detailed response on the subject.

I got to land on a draft GSoC project that caught my attention and interested to kick off with Automatic git cache maintenance on the controller

@MarkEWaite is there any forum for this project that I can join to get onboard and start contributing to the project? or perhaps intro issues that I can start consuming ASAP?

Intro issues where you could contribute immediately include

Discussions for the idea are planned to happen in the Platform SIG on Gitter

Thanks @MarkEWaite

Have already claimed one issue and currently looking into it.

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Have added a PR for JENKINS-60940
cc: @MarkEWaite