[GSoC 2022 Proposal]_Anurag Sachan_Automatic Specification Generator for Jenkins REST API

I just came across this project.
@krisstern I would like to take this as my contribution project, I will send the new proposal draft within few hours as I was earlier planning to go for Jenkinsfile Runner Action for GitHub Action but it seems like we already have that on Jenkins YT playlist.
I would really appreciate if you can give me some suggestions on this project once I am done with my draft proposal.
Anurag Sachan

@krisstern Greetings!
Have a look into my draft proposal - GSOC2022_ANURAGSACHAN_Automatic Specification Generator for Jenkins REST API - Google Docs
Any suggestions or advice would be highly appreciated.
Thank You,

Hello @anurag-sachan

I added some suggestions and advise in your document. There is still work to get a good proposal. Keep going: we are here to help.

/- Jmm

Sure @Jmm, I do have some good information about project and I can surely create a better Draft Proposal but the thing is I am new to Open Source community and I do not exactly know where and how long will it take to contribute for the first time( for the Experience Section).
If you could please help me with it, it would be a great help to me. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank You.


Great @anurag-sachan. With the community we will not only help you to make a better proposal but also learn the ways of Open Source. You will see, it is a rewarding journey.

You can look at the “Newbie” issues to get started.

/- Jmm

Thanks for the recommendation. @Jmm

@Jmm @krisstern,
I tried working with Jenkins Core and saw some of the Jenkins repo.
I don’t think I do have the adequate knowledge about the project.
So, I would like to skip it for now but I’ll continue to work with Jenkins.
Special Thanks to @Jmm for being such a nice mentor, I appreciate it. :pray:
Thank You for your precious time.


Hi @anurag-sachan Thanks for the submission! I will take a look at it soon and provide some feedback. @Jmm is very kind indeed and I find it a pleasure to work with him always as well. I think I will loop in @kwhetstone who is in charge of the project more-or-less and has substantially more expertise on the subject matter. Keep up the good work anyways!

Hi @anurag-sachan

I don’t think I do have the adequate knowledge about the project

I want to add “at this moment”, Anurag.
Time is indeed running out for GSoC 2022.

You have already something very significant: enthusiasm and energy. I encourage you to follow and learn from the GSoC selection process. Read other’s proposals, see later in the summer what they achieved, what their difficulties were. Listen and learn from the comments on your proposal.
You are just at the start of your studies. Try to apply what you learn by getting familiar with Open Source innards, with hands-on experience. It is very rewarding and multi facetted.

Don’t hesitate to interact with us and ask for guidance in your Jenkins knowledge building. The best way to learn is by contributing. And it is not limited to Google Summer of Code.
I don’t want you to feel discouraged.

And I hope to have you aboard in a next GSoC edition, when you will be ready.

/- Jmm


Thank You @krisstern, I appreciate your suggestions and will continue to work on the same.

Keep up the good work @anurag-sachan! You show a lot of potential.

Thanks @Jmm for motivation, you are a supportive mentor and a wonderful person.
I’ll follow your advice, I will closely monitor the GSoC process this year and will continue to contribute in Open Source. I’ll surely seek for your help whenever needed while working with Jenkins.

And I hope to have you as my mentor in a next GSoC edition.
Thank you again.