[GSOC 2022 PROPOSAL]_ANURAG SACHAN_Jenkinsfile Runner Action for GitHub Actions

Please look into the proposal - Jenkinsfile Runner Action for GitHub Actions
Any advice on this would be appreciated!


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Well done @anurag-sachan ! Thank you for submitting your draft proposal.

/- Jmm

Hi @anurag-sachan The file currently does not allow view from everyone with the link to it. Could you modify the permissions to allow people with the link to comment only so we could both view and make suggestions to your proposal?

Have a look @Jmm . Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Jenkins Runner Action for GitHub Action
Just gone through this video, I think I have sufficient information about the project and would like to improve the UI, make it user-friendly, work upon some plugins.
Consider me, if in your wisdom I suffice the eligibilities.

@anurag-sachan Since you have deleted you original proposal and replaced it with the line “Working on the API project. I’ll pass this one for now.” I will make a note here, so other org admins and mentors will know to skip reviewing this one.

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Right, I think I don’t have adequate knowledge about the project.
So, I would like to skip it for now.
Thank you!