Proposal: Jenkinsfile Runner Action for GitHub Actions

Hello! I’m Yiming Gong and interested in contributing for Jenkinsfile Runner Action for GitHub Actions project. My proposal draft is shown the following. This proposal is not the final version as I still need to add the domain module and object representation for the command line feature of Jenkinsfile Runner Action. Any advices are appreciated!
Proposal: Jenkinsfile Runner Action for GitHub Actions

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Thank you @Cr1t-GYM for making your draft proposal available for review. Looking forward to read it.

/- Jmm

YouTube- GitHub Actions in Jenkins
@Jmm Is it different from this project?

I would like to work on these projects:

  1. Jenkinsfile Runner Action for GitHub Actions
  2. Automatic Specification Generator for Jenkins REST API

I am new to OpenSource, I don’t have a contribution yet(Would it be a down grade?) and I am working on this for about couple of weeks now and I do have some good knowledge about the projects mentioned above and I would surely like to contribute. Would it be fine to if I submit proposal of both the projects?

Hello @anurag-sachan. Welcome aboard.

The video is a recording of a contributor summit that was held last year. The current GSoC project proposal is on the same subject. @krisstern will be able to tell you more.

Ref: submitting two proposals
There is no objection to submit proposals for two projects. Just be aware that you can be selected for only one project.

Ref: contribution
It would be a plus for your proposal(s) to have submitted contributions (you can reference them in your proposal). This is a way to show that you understand how the Community works (submitting PRs, review, interaction, etc) and that you have a technical understanding of Jenkins and/or the proposal’s domain.

Don’t hesitate to join one of the GSoC Office Hour meeting if you have doubts or further questions: you will be able to interact directly with mentors or Org Admins. We alternate Time Zones to offer convenient times.

/- Jmm

@anurag-sachan If you have any further questions to ask regarding the Jenkinsfile Runner Action for GitHub Actions project, you are encouraged to open a new thread as this thread so that we could follow up there as this thread is dedicated to @Cr1t-GYM’s proposal.

Thanks for resolving the query Jean, seems like we’re already half way for this project and if it is possible add me up with someone on this project. I would surely like to work on this.

@anurag-sachan All GSoC projects are supposed to be done by one contributor each, so there will be no direct collaboration between contributors on the same project allowed according to the rules.

@krisstern right, I am working on the RestAPI project rn.

@anurag-sachan As an org admin, I feel obliged to inform you all your activities on Jenkins can / would be taken into consideration in your application evaluation. So we do not just evaluate based on the proposal alone, but also how you interact with the community.