Advocacy & Outreach SIG Meeting - September 21, 2023

Attending: Alyssa, JMM, Bruno Verachten, Kevin Martens

Action items:

  • AT will start a postmortem gdoc for GSoC 2023 lessons learned
  • AT tweet at the start of Hacktoberfest - 9/26
  • Bruno to start public discussion re: free X/formerly Twitter potentially going away
  • AT to apply for FOSDEM stand


  • GSoC updates:
    • Jenkins in GSoC 2023 has come to an end with 2 extended projects coming to an end in the next two (2) weeks.
    • We had the final project demos via Jenkins online meetup on September 14. Recording is here.
    • Many thanks to this year’s org admins, and mentors
    • AT will start a postmortem gdoc so we could improve in 2024.
  • Hacktoberfest:
    • Jenkins joins the 10th anniversary of Hacktobest. See JMM’s blog post for details and resources.
    • Registration begins September 26 and October 31 on the Hacktoberfest site
    • Hacktoberfest begins in 4ish days!
    • AT plan to send out another tweet at the start of Hacktoberfest - 9/26
      • Bruno asked what will the project do as there are talks of free X going away. Bruno will start the discussion in Discord for further discussion.
    • Maintainer issues were marked, people are already ticking these.
  • Top contributor project:
    • Stories from contributors are coming in steadily.
    • Kevin is writing up the stories.
    • Help wanted: We want to create a Contributor Spotlight page where these stories will live but we need a developer to help create the site and page generation.
      • KM: Kris Stern has signed up to help with this.
    • Feb 3-4, 2024
    • AT preparing to apply for the stand.