Advocacy & Outreach SIG Meeting - October 19, 2023

Attending: Alyssa, Kevin Martens, Bruno Verachten, JMM, Kris Stern

Action items:

AT to initiate a planning doc for GSoC 2024
AT to initiate GSoC project idea doc


  • Hacktofest update
    • Total number of PRs created in jenkinsci and jenkins-infra orgs: 653 (was 377 a week ago)
    • Total Hacktoberfest PRs: 260 (was 153) (by 66 (was 51) contributors)
    • Total validated Hacktoberfest PRs: 197 (was 114) (by 40 (was 36) contributors)
  • GSoC 2024 project ideas discussion and mentor recruitment has begun. Org admins will remain the same: Kris Stern, Bruno Verachten, Alyssa Tong, JMM
  • DevOps Dozen Award Nomination - Based on discussion here, AT is applying for the Community award. Application responses are here. Feedback/input is greatly appreciated.
    • JMM - is there a link in GitHub to show the total # of contributors for Jenkins that we could add to the application?
  • Contributor Summit during FOSDEM - preliminary. Feb 2, 2024. Venue is close promximity to the FOSDEM conference. We have a meeting room secured.
    • By early November we’ll start initial draft of agenda.