Advocacy & Outreach SIG Meeting - October 5, 2023

Attending: Alyssa, Bruno Verachten

Action items:

  • AT tweet Hacktoberfest
  • Coordinate Santa Clara JAM


  • Hacktoberfest:

    • Total Hacktoberfest PRs: 55 (by 24 contributors)
    • Total validated Hacktoberfest PRs: 36 (by 16 contributors)
    • AT: Send out tweet

    • Stand application submitted
    • Keeping an eye out for the CI/CD Devroom CFP announcement.
  • GSoC

    • AT started postmortem gdoc, pls add your items for what worked well and what could be improved for next year’s program.
    • September newsletter I will include final blog posts from GSoC contributors.
    • Let’s plan for the end of Oct for GSoC 2024 project ideas discussion and mentor recruitment.
  • Santa Clara Jenkins meetup for Oct 18. JFrog agreed to host and Mark will be speaking there to provide project updates.