What are the redirect URL when getting dependency from repo.jenkins-ci.org/releases

I set up the environment and proxy to download dependency from Index of releases/.
It looks working for pom file, I can download it.
When I download a jar file, the file is blocked from the proxy because the download is redirect to https://jfrog-prod-use1-shared-virginia-main.s3.amazonaws.com/
It’s a correct behavior?
If yes, this is the only possible redirect? (I can set my proxy to accept from this URL)
if no, exist somewhere a list of possible redirect URL? (I can set my proxy with regex)
Thanks in advance

Yes, that is the correct behavior. The artifact repository is allowed to redirect requests to another location.

That is not the only possible redirect, as far as I know.

The artifact repository is donated by JFrog. They administer the repository and any redirects that it uses. The Jenkins project is deeply grateful to JFrog for the years of donations they have provided for the artifact repository. We are equally grateful that we don’t need to manage download redirections.

We don’t have a list of possible redirect URLs. I suspect that JFrog would not want to provide such a list because they may need to change those redirect URLs if they change hosting providers or if they switch to use a content delivery network.

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you could contact them about providing a list, but its not something the jenkins project provides.