Prototype - Redirect to my Jenkins

This has been a project idea I’ve had since I saw home assistant announce it. They want to have all their docs, and examples pointing to your local install, but do make it clickable and easy to get to the right place.

On irc and gitter we have a lot of times we want to get people to use the syntax generator. Its usually along the lines of saying “Goto /pipeline-syntax url” or “create a new pipeline job, and select syntax generator on the sidebar”

So i took the open source my.homeassistant codebase, and switched all the references to jenkins.

So my first example is:

Now they actually do things slightly different than us (We could potentially do it the same way though). They have a landing point on your self hosted install called /_my_redirect/ so you could goto like /_my_redirect/config/ and that would redirect you locally. I’m not entirely sure why they did it that way, but I don’t think we need to add anything to core to support this.

Future Ideas for redirects:
newCredential - /credentials/store/system/domain/_/newCredentials
newJob - pre-populated new job page, like new issue in github. Could potentially be linked from every example and doc from

After that it gets fuzzy.

Do you think this is a good plan? Any ideas on other useful redirects?


Sounds promising. Would it be open to specific URIs or for any possible urls?

for security reasons I think only specific urls. I don’t think jenkins has any destructive GETs anymore, but i wouldn’t want to risk it.

This feels like it has great potential. Thanks for doing it.!

I’ve often wished for an easier way for the user to click “Manage Jenkins”. That seems like a good redirect for many of the pages in the User Handbook section “Managing Jenkins”

In the “How to report an issue” page, we guide users to include information from the /systemInfo URL. That seems like a good use of this redirect facility.

Okay, I’ve gotten a couple positive feedback and not yet any negative. So i’ll try to find some time this weekend to get it into at least a usable state.

I just tried it out and it was pretty cool!