Update Jenkins Plugins via Artifactory


My Jenkins server is on a private network and I can’t get it to the internet. I have a Jfrog artifactory and I have added jenkins plugin website as remote repositories on the artifactory.

It can access https://mirrors.jenkins.io/plugins and access hpi files of all plugins.

I have searched a lot on this topic on the forums but have not been successful yet. I saw that I can do this by configuring a proxy server through Jenkins, but I have an artifactory, do I need to set up a proxy server in addition to this?

How can I make my Jenkins plugins go to artifactory remote repositories instead of trying to access the internet while upgrading them?

For example someone else having the same issue as me: Update Jenkins Plugins via Artifactory - Stack Overflow

I have seen many people who have experienced this situation, it would be very nice if jenkins could take action with this issue.

Many thanks in advance for your valuable answers.
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Possibly the information you need is already available in:

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