Install Jenkins plugins Offline

I have a RHEL 7 server running Jenkins which has not connectivity to the internet what so ever. Not through a proxy, nothing.

Now I have to install a bunch of plugins with all of their dependencies. It would take forever to manually download the .hpi files and install them so I tried to get creative and run Jenkins on my PC, install all the needed plugins and then copy that plugin folder to $JENKINS_HOME/plugins on my RHEL server.

Although $JENKINS_HOME/plugins on my RHEL server is full off plugins:

bash-4.2$ pwd /var/lib/jenkins/plugins
bash-4.2$ ls -alt
**total 28**
drwxrwxrwx. 5 jenkins jenkins 64 Jun 20 09:15 ws-cleanup
etc etc..

The Jenkins GUI isn’t listing any under Installed plugins when browsing to /pluginManager/installed. Also, I cant find any .hpi or .jpi in the plugins. What am I doing wrong?


You want the hpi file, not the directory

hanging seems like a proxy issue

You could also try GitHub - jenkinsci/plugin-installation-manager-tool: Plugin Manager CLI tool for Jenkins on the server itself which runs in the cli (and your shell might have proxy info setup properly)