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I’m trying to troubleshoot an issue with my company’s Jenkins plugin that only happens under specific circumstances requiring me to need to setup my dev environment with an agent running on a separate machine than my dev laptop.

The problem I’m running into is when running Jenkins from IntelliJ I cannot access it from outside my dev machine. I’ve ruled out any firewall/network issues, I’ve completely turned off Windows Firewall and can access sites running on IIS on the same port as Jenkins when it’s running.

I haven’t even figured out how to change the port it listens on, much less see what more advanced settings I could tweak to troubleshoot this. I’ve spent a week+ trying to find any info on this but have only found info relating to standalone Jenkins installations that refer to configuration/files that don’t exist in my environment.

Also, something else that might be related and is very strange to me, but could just be confusion of 20yr .Net development. I can’t ever access Jenkins by IP, the logs say it’s listening on localhost:8080, http://localhost:8080 works, but http://[ip address]:8080 doesn’t. For shits and giggles I added a host file entry “ laptop” and http://laptop:8080 works fine. Why would http://[ip address]:8080 not work?

If anyone can help or even just point me to any documentation regarding this it would be greatly appreciated

When I run from the command line and want to allow access outside my own machine, I use:

mvn -Dhost= hpi:run

Access is limited to my local machine if I run with the command:

mvn hpi:run

See the hpi plugin documentation and the additional details in the hpi:run documentation.

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We tried setting that in the runner options, but for some reason it didn’t work.

We did just now get it working by adding this section in the plugin def

                    <!-- for local pipeline testing -->