Upgrade from 2.195 to 2.425 (auto update)

I updated JAVA to 11.0.19 and now the update upgrade feature works but when it finishes and Jenkins restarts but all of my jobs are gone. How do i go about getting jobs from old jenkins to new upgraded jenkins?

@hicpics ,

Did you copy your Jenkins folder somewhere before upgrading?

yes i made a backup and i then used the get/replace the jenkins.war to get it moved up a little 2.235(auto update caused failure to restart of service) but most if not all of the plugins will not upgrade because it requires a newer version of jenkins. no thinbackup, no support-core, no active directory,…

Are you using a Linux distribution?
Do you think you could try starting from scratch with a new server and a fresh installation of the latest LTS?
This way, you could have the plugins up to date.
Then you could import your jobs and see what’s going on.

no windows server. and i am wanting to do a dual jenkins on the server but am running into issues. took a day away from project but last attempt to install Jenkins2 didnt work and i didnt take time to dig into details but it locked the account i am using so i removed the Jenkins2 and unlocked the account to get Jenkins working again.

2.195 to 2.425 sounds (to me) like a rather big step. (== nobody probably tested for such a big step)
So my approach would be to take one or several intermediate steps.
E.g. using LTS releases as a guide: LTS Changelog

  • 2.204
  • 2.222
  • 2.235
  • 2.249
  • 2.263

    You could try to use some interval halving to speed things up.

Rather than fight my way thru all of the versions, i installed the latest version of Jenkins and then used the jenkins-cli to get-job and then create-job. After that i had a bunch of errors related to plugins. so I then installed every non-depricated plugin that i could find. I still have a job that doesn’t want to work due to a “workspace” error. I checked plugins but still nothing outstanding that i could see that mentioned “workspace”. Fortunately this job is not critical so we are currently thinking about removing it altogether.
Thank you all.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback, @hicpics . :pray: