Moving to new server and old server has 32bit installed

Current 32bit ver 2.195. we now have to move to NEW server. would like to install latest version 2.422 64bit.
Very new-ish to Jenkins, ie i got the task of the upgrade since original person is no longer around.
looking for documentation on getting jobs copied over and it indicated that both versions have to be the same. so now trying to upgrade older version but it is 32bit and doesn’t find the upgrade files when i click on the auto update.
all i am trying to accomplish is NEW server, new install (2.422) and copy/retrieve all the jobs from old server(2.195) to new server.

  1. Read the upgrade guide to find things where you might need to react.
  2. Copy the complete JENKINS_HOME folder from your old machine to the new machine. Do not delete the old location until you’re sure that everything works on the new machine so you can start over in case of problems. As Jenkins is a java application it doesn’t matter if running with 32bit before and now with 64bit.
  3. Then start Jenkins on the new machines.
  4. Go to plugin manager and see which plugins need to be updated. Look at the release notes of plugins that claim to be incompatible so you know if you need to manually adjust something.
  5. Update all(!) plugins
  6. Restart Jenkins
  7. Check if you have plugins that are deprecated and can be removed, if yes uninstall them and restart once more

My recommendation would be to use the latest LTS version and not the latest weekly for productive environments.

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Ok i am at a catch 22 i think. the plugins say that jenkins higher version has to be installed in order to update the plugin. we have 2.195 but a lot of the plugins say like 2.332.4 is needed.