Migrate to a new server

Hi Everyone.
We are planning to migrate our Jenkins environment to a new server. We have jenkins in version of 2.254 on redhat 7.7 and we want to migrate our environment to ubuntu 20.04 with version of 2.332.4. We created test environment and done the upgrade steps without any problems. Now we are going to do this on production environment. After migration new server we are planning to shut down the old server and change ip address of new server to old jenkins server’s ip. In this scenario we are not sure about that the agent can connect the new server (with old jenkins ip addres) without any problem or do we need to have some steps? We have more than 30 different agents. So we want be aware of what is waiting us.
Thanks in advance.

So moving between servers is pretty easy, if you just copy $JENKINS_HOME (/var/lib/jenkins in most package managers) to the new server, it’ll just work.

Upgrading like 100 weeks (each version number is essentially a week) worth of upgrades in one go however will have issues.

I recommend you read over the upgrade guide to see what needs to change from 2.254 to 2.332 - Jenkins LTS Upgrade Guide. There’s been a lot of api deprecations this year, so you need to make sure you update all plugins, upgrade version, and upgrade all plugins again.