Migrating Jenkins

We have Jenkins running on Tomcat, and on the same machine we installed Jenkins as a service. Is there an easy way to migrate projects, jobs and plugins from Jenkins/Tomcat to Jenkins (service)?

Simplest technique is to act as though you’re performing a backup from one location and restoring to the other.

For deeper details and more alternatives, refer to

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Thank you very much, it worked!

The problem that I have right now is that I can’t save my projects. When I click update I get an empty new window. I’ve checked the folder structure, and it looks good, they all belong to the Jenkins group. The Jenkins URL is singed to the right path. Can’t see where it went wrong.

Jenkins version is 2.303

Usually if a form fails to save with Jenkins 2.277.1 or later, it is due to an outdated plugin that needs to be updated or removed. Jenkins 2.277.1 modernized configuration form handling by converting the HTML table based alignment to use div based alignment. You can read more about it in the blog post:

The Jenkins 2.277.1 changelog provides additional information.

The Jenkins 2.277.1 upgrade guide identifies the steps that need to be performed. Those steps include:

  • Update all plugins to latest releases (like blue ocean, credentials, …)
  • Remove unused plugins (like subversion, mercurial, …)
  • Remove deprecated plugins (like checkstyle, pmd, multiple SCMs, and pipeline declarative agent API)
  • Remove plugins that don’t work with Java 11 (Ruby runtime and its dependents)
  • Remove plugins with known security issues (like TFS)
  • Either install the Jenkins Health Advisor by CloudBees and let it report the plugins with issues or use the system Groovy script from the CloudBees article to list plugins with issues

See the “Installed” tab of the “Manage Jenkins” ==> “Manage Plugins” page for that information about your installation.

If those steps do not resolve the issue, then compare your list of plugins with the plugins known to have configuration form modernization issues. Remove plugins that have those issues or adopt them and fix the issues.

If after completing those steps you’re still seeing issues, then use the tables to divs developer migration guide to identify the plugins to be removed.

If you’re unable to identify the plugin with the issue after those steps, then submit an issue to https://issues.jenkins.io that includes the precise list of plugins installed and their versions and the exact steps you take to duplicate the problem. The list of plugin versions is crucial because others will need to duplicate your environment.

If you prefer a video summary of the changes and discussion of the steps see:

See also

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Thank you, this worked for me

jenkins 2.346.3 after installation does not allow me to change settings