Is there a list of plugins, definitely adopted for the table-to-div change?

I just learned, that using a plugin not converted for the “table-to-div”-change, might cause problems in other parts.

I learned there is a list of “bad” plugins:

Is there a list the other way round: Plugins which are not affected or which have been adopted (giving the version number), so I can rule out part of my plugins as possible culprit ?


No, I don’t think that this list is available. But I think you can assume that all plugins with a release after 2.277.1 are not affected anymore. So sort your table of plugins by release date and you can exclude a lot of them by date.

It isn’t the list of plugins that are not affected, but here is a list of plugin issues that were affected and the issue has been resolved

Even better: Plugins declaring a dependency on 2.277.1 or newer, as problems with tables would be immediately obvious to the developers.

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I just a funny experience with the “Priority Sorter”.
It claims 4.0.0 should make it compatible, but to me it looked like I needed 4.0.1 for that.
Need a cross-check “backward” on my trial system…

Priority sorter 4.0.1 is a strange surprise. It needed the tables to divs fix that Tim Jacomb made in 4.0.0 (replacing the table tags with div tags) and a fix from Monika Lukow for an issue in the page layout that was causing the wrong data to be sent and a fix from me to remove an HTML class attribute for a reason that I do not yet understand.

The story is told here:

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