Default pipeline configure page broken

Hi everyone,

I upgraded my Jenkins environment to version 2.375.4 and upgraded my plugins to 2.375.4 Jenkins compatible version. I saw that everything is really healthy but I have only one error problem;

When I create a new “default pipeline” type job in Jenkins, I see the configure page is broken. But I couldn’t find which plugin feeds this place. The error I get is as follows:

Hi @turkcankeskin. That looks like it’s probably being broken by a plugin which hasn’t been updated for the <table> to <div> change made in LTS 2.277. What version of Jenkins did you upgrade from?

If you’ve already upgraded all your plugins to the latest versions available, then you’ve taken the best step you could have already. I’d start going through the steps in the Table to div layout migration document to try and figure out which plugin is affecting you.

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In addition to the tables to divs migration document, there is an administrator checklist that can help you identify the plugins causing the issue.

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