Project Configure page renders everything center justified

On all my freestyle project configure pages everything is rendered center justified. Here is what it looks like:

This happens on a brand new project and happens on every existing project. It happens on different browsers on both Linux and Windows. I have done lots of searches about this and so far I have come up empty.

I am using the latest 2.303.2 version of Jenkins though the previous version 2.303.1 did the same thing.

Do anyone have any ideas on what may be causing this and what can be done to fix it?


Not specifically, but its usually due to a plugin not yet updated to handle the layout changes

With a list of plugins someone might be able to spot a broken one, but I highly recommend making sure your using the latest version of plugins.

I forgot to mention all my plugins are up to date with the latest available. Here is the update page:

As @halkeye suggested, “its usually due to a plugin not yet updated”. That is, the plugin itself needs an update to accommodate the tables to divs, not your instance (though having the latest is the first step).

Per the link he provided, examine your list of plugins against the known “broken” plugins, disable unsupported plugins and if still stuck, post your list and maybe someone can help narrow down.

Hi @halkeye and @Ian_W

With your suggestions I was able to fix my problem by removing all the python related plugins I had installed. I removed Python, Pyenv Pipeline, Python Wrapper and pyenv and my problem went away.

Thanks for the help.