FreeStyleProject binding issue after 2.391+

Looking for the right place to report / discuss this - let me know if this is not that

We noticed in Jenkins 2.391 through current (2.397 is the last we have tested) that the radio buttons for the FreeStyleProejcts in the Bindings section blank out on editing the config resulting in the subsequent Save removing the bindings. This does not occur in 2.390. I’ve tested in a fresh setup of Jenkins and can reproduce the problem. I’m surprised I haven’t found anyone else talking about it though.

This can be reproduced by

  • Create a new FreeStyle Project
  • Enable Use secret text(s) or file(s)
  • Add about 3 or more items - I did Secret Text but it doesn’t matter what kind you add
  • Save

At this point we have a XML file created on the filesystem with the correct values.

Edit the FreeStyle Project

When the form loads in (tested in Safari 16.3 and Chrome 111.0.5563.146) the Radio box for the 2nd Credential will be blank and there will be no credential selected. Hitting save at this point will remove the credential value for the XML from the environment variable it was binding it to.

I don’t think I am doing anything wrong. Should I enter this as a bug in the Jenkins Jira? Any advice appreciated. Thanks!

System Dashboard - Jenkins Jira is the best place to file issues.

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I wonder if you’re seeing a case of the booleanRadio button bug? Though that bug report says it has been an issue since 2.335. Could you compare the description in that bug with your experience?

More specifically, there is a radio button report for the credentials binding plugin.

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Thank you for the details. That gives me some things to check out.