Beginner Question

Good evening,

I am new here in the forum and have a few questions.

Meanwhile, I think I got a little confused and therefore ask for your help.

Best, I write first what I am trying to achieve:

I want to have a parameterized build, where you can pass parameters with on the GUI. These parameters should then be written/created in a properties file, from which the project in the repository will then serve itself. In addition, the actual “work” is to be executed on an agent.

To learn, I did some dry runs without an agent.

Which project type would be suitable for my purpose?

While I was trying out rom, I ran into a few problems. If I take a freestyle project, I don’t have a jenkinsfile there. If I take a pipeline project, strangely no workspace is created where the repository is downloaded. Also, no echoes are played back, which makes me wonder if the Jenkinsfile that is in the root of the repository is being run at all. In other project types, the Jenkinsfile works.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

I would recommend avoiding freestyle whenever possible. Its already started happening, but I suspect more and more plugins will not bother supporting freestyle.

uh? What is happening? How did you configure it? Do you have the jenkinsfile public at all? is there any errors in the jenkins log or the build log?