Migrating Jenkins From One Server to Another

Hi All

We are using Jenkins 2.249.1 running on RHEL 8. We now want to migrate Jenkins to a new Server which should be running on Ubuntu 20.0. Can you plesae help in sharing the steps that I should follow in order move Jenkins from my current Linux to Ubuntu Server.

Thanks in Advance



Google has lots of answers to that question

Is there a reason why those don’t work?

Hi Gavin

I know that there are lots of results for that. Just want the expert advice from the community before proceeding with anything. Can you just confirm if the below process mentioned will be the correct process.

We are currently using Jenkins Version 2.249.1 over Rhel 7.5. We are planning to migrate the same to Ubuntu 20 keeping the same version. Can you please let me know if there will be any compatibility issue on running current version of Jenkins mentioned above on Ubuntu 20.



That should work.

We are a group of open source volunteers. There’s no way for us to support that old of a version of Jenkins or a 3 year old version of Ubuntu.