Migrating to a new host and upgrading

I have just been tasked with upgrading our Jenkins 1.642.3-1 to the current version and moving the instance to a new VM. (Forgive me but I have not used Jenkins before)

My first attempt:

  1. Install Jenkins on a new server
  2. Copy $JENKINS_HOME from the old server to the new server

On the dashboard of the new instance, across the top we are missing some of the tabs (views?).
Is there an index or config file that needs to be rebuilt?
Any clues?

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Some items migrated from the top to the left for example.
What are you referring to exactly?

You may want to have a look at: Back of the Napkin Guide to Updating Jenkins, for the uninitiated .

About half of these tabs are missing.

Is making this big of a version jump advisable?

These tabs don’t ring a bell for me.
They must be part of a plugin.
How is the plugin migration going by the way?
Did you upgrade them all, did you loose some of them along the way?

Those tabs stand for views in Jenkins. If some of them are special views they might be missing when the plugin that provided this kind of view is removed.

Thanks Markus. So these “tabs” are custom views. Rather than recreate them by hand, how do I move them to the new server?

views are defined in the config.xml, so the only explanation for them to be missing is that some plugin is missing. I assume you still have a backup of your old Jenkins. Just open the config.xml and look for the views. Should look like this

      <owner class="hudson" reference="../../.."/>
      <properties class="hudson.model.View$PropertyList"/>
      <owner class="hudson" reference="../../.."/>
       <hudson.plugins.view.dashboard.Dashboard plugin="dashboard-view@2.514.v41647f186b_58">
  <com.synopsys.arc.jenkinsci.plugins.dynamic__search.views.SimpleSearchView plugin="dynamic-search-view@0.4.0">

Here I have at least 2 views that com from plugins. So if I would migrate to a new Jenkins and remove those 2 plugins the views would be missing.

There are lots of config.xml files. Can you give me the path to this file on a Linux system?

The one directly in JENKINS_HOME

Thanks! When I rsync the files from the old server to the new server, the time stamps on the new server for the config.xml was newer than the old server so the file did not get copied.
Now I see all of the views.

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