Upgrade from 2.195 to 2.414.2

I updated JAVA to 11.0.19 and now the update upgrade feature works but when it finishes and Jenkins restarts but all of my jobs are gone. I have tried upgrading 1 release at a time. but then i cant get into jenkins at 2.289.3 due to crumb error. can’t install/upgrade the active directory plugin because of version of jenkins is not supported.
SO how could i save the jobs from 2.195 then install the latest jenkins new instance and then import those jobs back into it?

Hello @hicpics ,

What did you update from? JDK8?
How did you update your Jenkins version? By hand, with your package manager?
It’s always better to do it little by little on a new server and copy the jobs in the end when everything has settled down.

Yes jdk was 8 (early release) after getting jdk 11 setup and working for Jenkins then the auto update started but Jenkins would not start. I am now to the point of installing a new/latest version instance of Jenkins and then just create the jobs manually from old to new. will take a day or two.

I think this is a reasonable approach.
Best of luck. :crossed_fingers: